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Established in October 2008, ACD Filtration has been in service to many customers. We specialise in the trading of a full range of air filters.

With our team of experienced professionals, we are able to
provide our customers with recommendations that best meet their needs. Since our establishment, we have received multiple compliments from our customers about our quality service,
products and metal works.

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All Summing Up To The Excellent
BLU-FILTER 300 Performance!

Today BLU Hybrid 100 filters utilize the most recent 3-layer design of IREMA, which means each layer features its own characteristics:

1st Layer

Prefilter layer to reach relevant dust holding capacities

2nd Layer

Proprietary technology for more filtration efficiency

3rd Layer

Fine dust filtration to capture smallest particles

BLU Filter

ACD Filtration is the exclusive Singapore distributor of the Blu-Filter range of embossed
products. The Blu Hybrid range is produced using a patented procedure developed at
Irema-Filter GmbH in Germany. The filter media is a 100% synthetic, hydrophobic material with three separate filtration layers – a prefiltration G4 layer followed by two layers of engineered nanofibers. The 3D structure of the media, combined with the laminar flow characteristics of the Hybrid Series gives a unique and long-lasting filter.

Particles in Atmosphere & Air Filters Selections

Air Filter Efficiency Test Method

Counting Method (DOP/PSL) Applicable to ULPA/HEPA filter

Applicable test aerosol is DOP (di-octyl phthalate) or PSL (polystyrene latex spheres). This kind of aerosol is generated by monodispersion and fed into the upstream side of the testing filter. Use two particle counters to measure the concentrations upstream and downstream to determine the collection efficiency.”

Colorimetry Method (NBS) Applicable to MEDIUM/BAG filter

Sample amount of particle by media at both of upstream and downstream of testing filter. Project light to sampling media and measure the transmitted light volume. The transmitted light volume indicates by optical density (OD) that is measured by colorimeter. The collection efficiency is calculated from difference of optical density at sample media.

Mass Concentration Method (AFI) Applicable to PRE filter

Testing dust is fed into the top inlet of test facility and then collected by testing filter. A back-up filter is installed to catch all dust that passed testing filter. According to the relevant weight criteria of dust caught by testing filter and back-up filter, the collection efficiency would be calculated.


BLU Hybrid 3-layer filter media design. This state-of-the-art filter media stands out in the finished filter:

  • 100 % synthetic
  • Low pressure drop due to laminar air flow
  • Exceptional dust holding capacity
  • Great handling because of low weight
  • Humidity resistant construction
  • Excellent stability and strength
  • No microbial growth (without any additives)