Bag Filter

Bag Filter 65% 85% 95%

Bag filters can be custom-built in all sizes. It is mainly used in A/C Box and are commonly seen in electrical manufactures and textile industries


Synthetic bag filters are constructed of synthetic fibre media and assembled in galvanized steel frame. The stich of the bag is flexible to maintain shape in changing conditions. In order to prevent any possible leakage, all stitching are sealed with thermo-plastic resin. Our bag filter offers high efficiency ranged of 40-45% (brown) 60-65% (green), 80-85% (red), and 90-95% (yellow). The header is constructed with 26-gauge galvanized steel to the filter face. Gasketing products are available to meet your application needs.


Synthetic bag filters can be used in both commercial and industrial applications and others such as hospitals, schools and public buildings. Therefore, can protect equipment for a longer service life. Bag filter is also used as a medium filter in clean room filtration or where high air cleaning efficiency is required.