Blu Hybrid 100 merv 14

BLU HYBRID 100 merv 14

BLU Hybrid 100 filters feature a new 3-layer filter media design. This state-of-the-art filter media stands out in the finished filter:

  • 100 % synthetic
  • Low pressure drop due to laminar air flow
  • Exceptional dust holding capacity
  • Great handling because of low weight
  • Humidity resistant construction
  • Excellent stability and strength
  • No microbial growth (without any additives)


BLU Hybrid 100 filters represent a new generation of filters based on a proprietary and patented pleat technology. The pleat design itself keeps the pleats apart and withstands all air velocities with a laminar air flow.


All filter media types of IREMA-Filter are exclusively manufactured on production machines designed and built in-house. The proprietary manufacturing technology enables IREMA-Filter to flexibly design media out of fibers with different filtration properties.

This is reflected by a great number of patented processes and products.

By the combination of different fiber types IREMA can create filter media showing a progressive 3-dimensional layered structure.

Today BLU Hybrid 100 filters utilize the most recent 3-layer design of IREMA, which means each layer features its own characteristics:

  • 1st Layer: Prefilter layer to reach relevant dust holding capacities
  • 2nd Layer: Proprietary technology for more filtration efficiency
  • 3rd Layer: Fine dust filtration to capture smallest particles