Filter Media


The combination of different fiber diameters allows us to design and manufacture progressive filter media. This provides the opportunity to achieve an excellent balance between filtration efficiency, air permeability and durability. By taking micro and very fine fibers (in diameters less than 1 μm) our media can capture fine and very fine particles when air is filtered. Polypropylene (PP) as the basic material has additional outstanding advantages. PP-material is hydrophobic and does not support the growth of microorganisms such as bacteria, mold and fungi.


IREMA’s filter media products are exclusively manufactured on production machines designed and built in-house. Our systems are highly automated, which leads to an excellent price-performance ratio. The specific manufacturing technology for our filter media enables us to flexibly design media out of coarse, fine and ultrafine fibers.


IREMA filter media are used in a variety of applications where
different technical features are a must:

  • Cabin Air
  • HVAC
  • Engine Air
  • Liquid Filtration