Non-Woven Fabrics Filter

Non-Woven Fabrics Filter

Non-Woven filter is heavily used in construction of A/C system. It’s thickness ranges from 5mm to 25mm. It comes in rolls and can be cut into different sizes.

Dajing synthetic filter media is safe and easy to handle and does not break down in usage. Suitable for uses where fiberglass is not indicated, such as food processing and medical facilities. Fibers are held together with resin that is flame retardant and moisture resistant.

Media consisting of 100% polyester bonded fibers is formed into an interlocking pattern that traps dust and lint, whole minimizing face surface loading. Polyester media fibers won’t break off and flow into air steam.

Used to replace fiberglass filters where minimal downstream contamination is required, filters have metal support on both sides and a heavy cardboard frame for all heating, ventilating and air-conditioning applications.


  1. This type of filter serves as the first gate of the air filtration system and it is mainly used to filter outside air. Synthetic Filter is disposable, so multiple usages is not recommended.
  2. Synthetic Filter is suitable for all kinds of industrial manufactures, such as contamination prevention, HVAC system, waste treatment and contaminated process air.
  3. Synthetic Filter is also commonly used in pharmaceutical manufacture and food processing due to its ability to filter contamination air