Panel Filter


All the filter media of IREMA are pleated on in-house developed pleating machines. IREMA MiniPleats feature exceptional strength, efficiency, dust holding capacity and low air flow resistance as well as high durability thus supporting the energy efficiency of HVAC systems.


IREMA MiniPleats can be equipped with either an all plastic, high stiffness polystyrene frame or a polypropylene frame. Both frame types support the excellent flow characteristics of our MiniPleats in a high-class filter.


IREMA’s patented fiber technology utilized for our range of filtration media is the latest in “Media Configuration”. The filter media consists of 100% polypropylene, is non- shedding and features a three-dimensional media design with exceptional performance. It brings into play all the fundamental mechanical principles of particulate capture. Larger particles of dust are caught by coarse fibers on the air entering side and progressively smaller particles caught by finer fibers through the depth of the media.


IREMA PanelFilters are widely used in a variety of HVAC applications, ensuring optimum Indoor Air Quality in plants and factories. Our filters are an excellent choice for tough applications and extended service life.