Paper Frame Pre Filter

Paper Frame Pre-Filter 25% 35%

Paper pre-filter is suitable for filtering outside air in any normal A/C systems and Clean Room A/C systems


The Extended Surface Series 400 filters incorporate a 100% synthetic media with an ASHRAE 52.1 average atmospheric efficiency of 30% to 35% and an average arrestance exceeding 90% by weight. The 1” and 2” filters handle velocities of up to 500 FPM, the 4”filters up to 625 FPM.

The media is chemically bonded to a metal mesh on the air-exiting side, preventing fluttering, and maintaining uniformity of the pleats. That filter pack is enclosed in a heavy-duty, moisture resistant, die-cut frame that will not warp, crack or distort under normal operating conditions.

Diagonal front and back media retainers are an integral part of the filter frame. The media pack is bonded to every part of the frame preventing any possibility of air bypass.

Recommneded final resistance .System dictade a lower chang out point

These filters can be used without modification in side-access filter housing or built-up filter bank. They offer better efficiency than conventional permanent or disposable flat filters. The Series 400 filters, when used as per-filters, substantially extend the life of more expensive high-efficiency filters. They are perfect filters for residential, commercial and industrial use.

It is possible for a flat filter to face load, so restricting airflow and causing unnecessary strain on equipment. The Series 400 filters accumulate the heavier, more restrictive particles at the bottom of the pleats, leaving the sides open longer for effective filtration. The series 400 filter media is engineered to provide maximum efficiency. Generally, the deeper the pleats the longer filter life between changeouts.

  • Rigid construction with consistent media extends the service life.
  • Well-built, efficient and easy-to-handle medium efficiency filters.
  • Low initial pressure drop.
  • Consistent efficiency results